TTA Demonstrates NVME Scalability with Two SPC-1 Results

Comparison of A31018 and A31019
Metric 7 Node 10 Node
SPC-1 IOPS™ 1,510,150 2,410,271
SPC-1 Price-Performance™ $326.75 $287.01
SPC-1 IOPS™ Response Time 0.323 ms 0.311 ms
SPC-1 Overall Response Time 0.206 ms 0.205 ms
SPC-1 ASU Capacity 27,594 GB 46,789 GB
SPC-1 Space Effectiveness Ratio NA NA
SPC-1 ASU Price $17.89/GB $14.79/GB
SPC-1 Total System Price $493,427.86 $691,767.07
Audit Identifier A31018 A31019

TTA submitted it second SPC-1 v3 result in two days today, both using the JET-SPEED™ HHS3124F / HHS2112F and NVME-based SSD storage. Together they demonstrate the scalability of NVME storage.