Macrosan Publishes first SPC-1 v3 Result with New Price-Performance Metric

Macrosan has published the first SPC-1 v3 result to include the updated $/SPC-1 KIOP price performance metric. The new metric, a scaled version of the original $/SPC-1 IOP price-performance metric, reflects the substantial performance improvements that Macrosan and others have brought to the market, and will assure that SPC-1 remains the industry standard for the assessment of storage system performance.

Macrosan published result A31011, and achieved 300,028 SPC-1 IOPs and a price-performance metric of $379.50/SPC-1 KIOP with their MS2500G2-25E.

Please note that the result will be displayed on the web site using the old metric for a short time, so that the top-10 lists remain correct while other vendors update their results to reflect the new metric definition.