New SPC-1 v3 Price/Performance Metric Reflects Increased Competition

With the release of v3.6 of the SPC-1 benchmark specification, the SPC has modified the format of SPC-1 price/performance metric to reflect the cost per 1,000 IOPs. All results published on or after February 15, 2018 will use the new formulation of SPC-1 Price-Performance.

The shift from $/SPC-IOP to $/SPC-1KIOP provides a more accurate set of results for benchmark consumers. It also keeps pace with the recent performance gains made available by the wide-spread adoption of all-flash storage configurations, and the increasing competition between test sponsors.  At the same time, the new price-performance metric does not alter the ranking of existing benchmark results, or the validity of prior publications. Each test sponsor has provided updated documentation for their prior results, so that all SPC-1 v3 publications can be judged using the same, updated price-performance metric of $/SPC-1 KIOP.